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Pork meat and bone meal Sonas (Germany)
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13.50 UAH
Manufacturer: Sonac (Germany) 58% Protein Assimilation: above 80% Acid number: up to 20 units.
Group: Meat-bone flour
Daily broiler chicken ROSS-Z08
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Production company: Cedrob (Poland) www. It is the second manufacturer in Europe volume of chickens and has the most modern in Europe incubator. Annually Tsedrob incubates more than 160 million chickens. Since the summer of 2014 the volume of incubation, the chicks will be doubled...
Group: Chicken Broilers
Electrolyte Elektrolyt-pulver 500g
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255 UAH
Electrolyte Elektrolyt-pulver 500g The drug is to bring the muscles in good shape during the flight.
Group: Feed additives
Tea Versele-laga Muta-seed 300g
In stock 
310 UAH
Tea Versele-laga Muta-seed 300g Tea VERSELE-LAGA MUTA-SEED 300g to enhance immunity
Group: Veterinary medicine for poultry
Dry Pork Sonac blood (Germany)
In stock 
31 UAH
"Vetreyd" is a direct importer of high-quality meat and bone meal from pigs and broilers and also a product of Dry pork bloodEach of parties is certifiednezalezhnoyu.laboratoriyeyu. To Viroblyaetsya under the order for each of clients.- conditions of cooperation with clients are created on the...
Group: Feed additives
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Producer: "AGROBIZEK" Poland Qualitative and quantitative composition: A mixture of aluminosilicates, eucalyptus, glucose, calcium and fatty acids (C6, C8, C10, C12). Pharmachologic effect: - Blocks pathogens;- Eliminates diarrhea;- Works as an acidulant in all parts of the intestine;- Increases...
Group: Acidifiers of feed
Tea Versele-laga Tea Colombine 300g
In stock 
265 UAH
Tea Versele-laga Tea Colombine 300g Tea VERSELE-LAGA TEA COLOMBINE 300g to enhance immunity
Group: Veterinary medicine for poultry
Flour Mukopro
In stock 
This is a product obtained by hydrolysis of porcine intestinal mucous membranes. And thanks gidrolizno- enzymatic treatment Mukopro a digestibility of 99%. Effective use of this product during the post-weaning piglets. Because in this period the pigs are very sensitive to changes in the feed (the...
Group: Feed additives
Tea Weiden-rinden-tee Backs 400g
In stock 
185 UAH
Tea Weiden-rinden-tee Backs 400g Tea WEIDEN-RINDEN-TEE BACKS 400g and cold and rainy time, and before mating
Group: Veterinary medicine for poultry
Spray-paint 200ml
Not available 
325 UAH
Spray-paint 200ml Paint for scaring birds of prey
Group: Birdscarers
Backs Tee Backs Tea 300g
In stock 
295 UAH
Backs Tee Backs Tea 300g Tea BACKS TEE BACKS 300g of 20 pieces, to enhance immunity
Group: Veterinary medicine for poultry
Tea Vier-rinden-tee Backs 400g
In stock 
225 UAH
Tea Vier-rinden-tee Backs 400g Tea VIER-RINDEN-TEE BACKS 400g in the rest period, as well as winter
Group: Veterinary medicine for poultry


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